I have always wanted to take up the sport of golf, and, luckily, have the opportunity to begin lessons with a great teacher in the next month!  Today, Thursday, April 10th, begins the first round of The Masters.  What an exciting time, and such a difficult sport.  It can be taxing at times, and frustrating.  It also takes a lot of confidence to take up a new sport…confidence that comes from within.  We here at Robinson Dentistry understand all about confidence.  We hear it everyday from our patients…”I don’t like my smile.”  “My teeth are too yellow.”  “I wish my teeth were straighter.”

All of these perceived problems with your teeth will affect your self-confidence.  It may even hold you back from a new relationship, getting a new job, or just smiling happily in social situations.  We have many available cosmetic options to help you obtain the whiter, straighter teeth you’ve always wanted.  Ask us about teeth whitening, new veneers, or Invisalign…we are here to help.

Good luck to all you golfers out there and enjoy the Masters!