Dental Implants & Dentures

Dental Implants

Implants are a great alternative to replacing one or more missing teeth without having to involve adjacent teeth. The implant is an actual “screw” that is placed in the jaw and a permanent crown is fabricated and placed on the part of the implant that can be seen in the mouth.

Implants can also be used to hold dentures in place for patients that have had problems with loose or ill-fitting dentures. They have become very popular as a dental treatment and have had much success. The placement of an implant in the jaw is always performed by the appropriate specialist.


Complete dentures replace all of the teeth and tissues. Partial dentures replace only those teeth that are missing and they can bridge the gap between natural teeth. Partial dentures were originally made out of a metal framework.

Today, there are new materials that make partial dentures more comfortable as well as more esthetically pleasing. The best fitting dentures will never feel as good or as comfortable as your natural teeth, but they can be a great alternative to restoring tooth functions and can make you look and feel better.