See this crazy “S” shaped device? It’s called a DryShield and it’s a high-speed suction to help minimize aerosols produced during dental procedures. You’ll be seeing more of these being used by our hygienists at Robinson Dentistry, so we can further protect our patients and our team. Thanks DryShield!

A little more about it…

DryShield performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue shield and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation that brings unmatched levels of ease and comfort to doctors and patients alike.

DryShield helps to keep the dental work environment dry, clean and visible. By removing the normal barriers to getting the dental work done without a flurry of motion from the dental assistant, dental hygienists can work with patients more efficiently. DryShield frees your hygienist to work without constraints, while your dental assistant stays steps ahead, streamlining each procedure.