Smiling not only makes you seem more approachable, but it’s easier to recognize a face if it’s smiling. According to Knight & Johnston (1997) “It is easier to identify a degraded familiar face when it is shown moving (smiling, talking; nonrigid motion), than when it is displayed as a static image.” However, since our face is in motion when we smile for photos facial recognition is easier. So make sure you’re sharing those pearly whites!

Now let’s put your smile recognition skills to the test with this Celebrity Smile Quiz. Hover over the photo to check your answers.

1. Like many Hollywood stars this celeb got his start with the Disney Channel.


2. This celeb has been featured in 50 films since her rise to fame as the leading lady in a 1994 comedy.


3. Although this celeb has been acting since the early 2000’s most recognize her for her roles in sci-fi and fantasy flicks.


4. This celeb is less famous and more infamous.


5. With a slight lisp and a ton of charisma this celeb has climbed the Hollywood Ladder from a Partridge Family remake to Mega Blockbusters.


6. This celeb is so famous a haircut was named after her in the 90’s.

Thanks for checking out our Celeb Smile Quiz, we hope this quiz has helped you understand how distinct and significant a smile can be. We encourage you to wear yours like a badge of honor!